This is my eCOMMERCE website for selling  non laser cut wood embellishments, and laser cut Baltic Birch wood embellishments, finished one of a kind up-cycle craft projects, great finds to re-purpose yourself…. into a wonderful craft project, and other supplies as they are available. My name is De and the 3 dogs pictured that run Me are Griffyn (Chinese Crested mix), Koby (shih-tzu mix-rescue), and Hiccup (boston terrier mix-rescue)….all boys, and they do run the show here! My husband and I just pay the bills. LOL.

I encourage you to stop by often as inventory will vary widely. Shopping is my favor thing to do… at as many thrift stores as I can find. Crafting is my second favor thing to do, but I’m a bit slower at this activity due to my responsibilities to my family. My wood pieces come from a company here in the U.S. and are subject to their inventory, however that said….they are wonderful folks, I’ve known for years, and will cut items at my request if at all possible. Their laser cut items have beautiful brown tones like those of the European Co. Crafty Embellies (correct spelling unknown) which is no long available. However one huge difference between the 2 is that what I have listed is 1/8 inch Baltic Birch wood … not chip board or MDF or Veneer ….JUST REAL WOOD which requires almost no sanding and can be finished with nothing or any product you love to use on your mixed media art. Honestly the prices here are slightly higher than other cut out pieces you will find currently in the craft market place, but I am selling you quality wood!!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my shop inventory. I welcome your order which will be processed as quickly as possible. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me.

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