Shipping Details

I would like to ship your order the cheapest yet fasted way possibly. My research to this point regarding shipping cost, which meet my 2 criterias are… small flat rate box for 5.80 or medium flat rate box for 12.35. To my understanding these boxes are 3 day shipping and can have up to 70 pounds in them. FYI padded mailing envelopes are not cheaper to send to my surprise.

So the process for your order will be as follow—

Place and pay for your order with Paypal or credit card (make sure you include an email address I can send your shipping bill too).—-

I will then pack your order in the box or boxes that give you the best shipping price, and email you a Paypal bill for shipping.—-

When Paypal shows your shipping fees are paid….¬†I will ship your order and email you of that date.


If you have question about this process please contact me and I will happily respond. ¬†Shipping is confusing and pricey so don’t be concerned if you have question…. just ask.